I do not know why I write. Nobody else knows why I write. Writing is nothing I could enjoy. It is hard work, without almost no results. I seem to be the only one, who reads my novels, short stories, theatre plays. In some way, writing is a drug. You know that it makes no sense, that it destroys you, but you continue. Years ago, I thought there will be a time when they will discover me. This hope has vanished. Now, I am an author consisting of bitterness, balance, disease, self-pity, and finally: happiness.

Below, there is a list of my publications. As war is the time of broken links, not all of the http-addresses may be available during the next years.


Bücher / Books:


Preis(e) / Prizes:

  • Zweiter Preis (Dotierung: 1000 Euro) beim XIII. Literaturwettbewerb Irseer Pegasus, 3.-5. Jan. 2011




Lyrik und Kurzprosa in Zeitschriften, Anthologien etc.:

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