Zopiclon Zyklopyrrolon espa-donn (esparma) Optidorm (Dolorgiet) Somuosam (Hormosan) Ximovan (Aventis Pharma) Tbl. 7,5 mg (10, 20 Tbl.) ZoduraC (Pohl-Boskamp) Zop. (Hexal) Zopicalm (Temmler Pharma zopiclodura (Merck dura) Pharmako-Dynamik Zopiclon beta (betapharm) ZopiclonLich (Lichtenstein) Zopiclon-neuraxpharm Zopiclon-ratiopharm (ratio pharm) Zopiclon Stada (Stada) Zopiclon Sandoz (Sandoz) Zopiclon TAD Zopi-Puren (Alpharma)


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