Managing Director

Hi Thomas, I thought you might find this helpful if you’re looking to publish a bestselling book. Steve Hardy from Franky Solutions offers a 90-day »Bestseller By Conspiracy« program that helps you: 1) Go from a blank page to a fully published book quickly and easily. 2) Add »Bestselling Author« to your bio and resume. […]

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December 17th, 2022 by Thomas Josef Wehlim

New Jerusalem

And then. Some sort of New Jerusalem. Eternal body fields. And disconnected souls.

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October 30th, 2022 by Thomas Josef Wehlim


This email is to inform you that your domain invoice number 1fdt gh4f03441 c4ad9268dd 119284bc is OVERDUE. THOMAS-JOSEF-WEHLIM.ORG.COM to be due in 22 October 2022 is SUSPENDED. Please send payment ASAP to avoid any TERMINATION of service to THOMAS-JOSEF-WEHLIM.ORG Please note that if no payment is made in the next 3 business days, your data […]

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October 24th, 2022 by Thomas Josef Wehlim

Itchy Authors

The National Sweet ltch Centre. Sweet-ltch advice. Bio-Plus Equine Capsules. Health through Immune lntegrity. BioPlus Capsules contain a unique formulation of bio-protein, which is listed in the EU FEFAC register. Trialled and proven to be safe. 3, 6 and 12 month packs from £75.00. Now available for itchy Composers and Painters. From £30 for […]

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October 8th, 2022 by Thomas Josef Wehlim


It is today Not tomorrow Not yesterday Not the day after tomorrow It is today It is It i It I

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September 27th, 2022 by Thomas Josef Wehlim


I have this remembrance: I was about four years old. I stood in the bedroom of my parents. My mother, having a feverish infection, whispered: »Prepare yourself, and go to the kindergarten yourself. I am unable to do something.« I started preparing my lunch box in the kitchen. I smeared margarine on the bread. I […]

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August 31st, 2022 by Thomas Josef Wehlim


»Chapters« is a 2000 novel by Joseph Wehlim that became notorious for its commercial tie-in: in exchange for an undisclosed fee from the German company Rheinmetall, a producer of military equipment, Wehlim was required to mention the name of the company at least 12 times – which was more than exceeded by the author. The […]

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May 23rd, 2021 by Thomas Josef Wehlim


»Wrenchingly lovely« The New York Times »When Thomas Wehlim is on his game, is there anybody better? This is a generous, wry book about everyday lives, and Wehlim crawls so far inside his characters you feel you inhabit them. This is a book that earns its title. Try reading it without tears, or wonder« USA […]

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December 26th, 2018 by Thomas Josef Wehlim

Sitting duck

Chasing a main menu. If you fail, my dear battalion, the city will be a sitting duck. Therefore, do not retreat. Do not give up. Stand there, or die.

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September 20th, 2018 by Thomas Josef Wehlim

Categorizing Wehlim

Ever since I caught a glimpse of Thomas Wehlim online, I wanted to capture his all-American blonde appeal. It took a while for the feat to be accomplished, but I was in it for the long-game. Wehlim is hard to categorize in any traditional sense. Firstly, he is a writer at heart, that is if […]

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August 31st, 2018 by Thomas Josef Wehlim